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Dyane Harvey-Salaam

Dyane Harvey-Salaam “I am on a high like never before… this existence is filled with lessons which serve to guide us to our purpose in life….“ –Dyane Harvey

Erich McMillan-McCall

Erich McMillan-McCall   By Dale Ricardo Shields “There are so many unsung heroes who have the paved the way for so many of us to become the people we are today. They are the everyday people who inspire and empower us all. They are the people who may never win awards or receive any accolades, …

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Niles Fitch

***** Niles Fitch  by Dale Ricardo Shields  

Pura Fé – Singer

    Pura Fé  ~Singer, songwriter, musician, poet, artist, dancer, actor, teacher, and activist.~ This “Renaissance woman” is the founding member of the internationally renowned native woman’s a capella trio, ‘Ulali’, and is recognized for creating a new genre, bringing Native contemporary music to the forefront of the “mainstream” music industry. “With her voice soaring, …

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