Emmett Louis Till

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“Everyone who knew Till described him as a responsible and funny person.”



Emmett Louis Till was born on July 25th, 1941 in Chicago, Illinois. He was the only son of Mamie Till, a secretary working for the Airforce. Emmett Till lived in a “colored” middle-class neighborhood.


Emment and Mamie Till



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Mamie Till’s Voice Still Speaks To Her Son’s Legacy More than 60 years after Emmett Till’s brutal murder, his legacy continues to shape America. In 2003, Mamie Till wrote Death of Innocence, telling the story of her son’s life and his death. In 2018, a film based on Mamie’s memoir went into production, along with a movie based on a play about the impact of Emmett’s death. Jay-Z and Will Smith announced a collaboration on an HBO miniseries about Emmett, and Whoopi Goldberg was also involved in a film called Till. The attention on Emmett’s murder more than half a century later stands testament to his impact on the civil rights movement and race relations in America.

Emmett experienced the ugliness of Mississippi, that thing that everybody feared, that thing that everybody wanted to avoid.


Cousins of Emmett Till